Monday, March 25, 2013

{Baby Liam} York, Pennsylvania Newborn Photographer

Yes… I am still taking pictures.  Remember when I announced my need for a breather?  Well, I took a quick breath, and took on a few sessions for Christmas.  What I did find out, is that I can still take pictures if I want, when I can.  I have found that 1 or 2 a month is just perfect.  It is enough for me to enjoy it, and not too many to take away from anything that is truly important.

I have several sessions I haven’t even gotten around to sharing on my site.  I decided it was time to get them up here.  I am going to start with my recent session and work back. 

Meet Liam; this is my dear friend Andrlynn’s new addition.  We met through a friend.  Andrlynn’s husband is a med-student.  We have a lot in common.  I have enjoyed getting to know her better, and I was thrilled when she asked me to take pictures of her new bundle.

This is one of my favorite sessions.  As I edited these, I shed a few tears because I remember what it was like to bring home my first baby.  I could feel that same love in their home.  Her husband is so supportive and caring to her.  They both are completely in love with their sweet little bundle.  I could feel that Andrlynn has waited her whole life to be a mother; and was so fulfilled to have that day here.

I am thankful to have been able to capture some of the love during their first few days as a family.

 photo BabyLiamAndrlynnandZach-0187bw_zpsc0b40532.jpg

 photo BabyLiamAndrlynnandZach-0172haze_zpsff8496e4.jpg

 photo BabyLiamAndrlynnandZach-0152_zps0d2fb8de.jpg

 photo Collage_zps6530f04f.jpg

 photo BabyLiamAndrlynnandZach-0158_zps414b4a00.jpg

 photo BabyLiamAndrlynnandZach-0288_zps338618fa.jpg

 photo BabyLiamAndrlynnandZach-0239_zps9aa19370.jpg

 photo BabyLiamAndrlynnandZach-0207_zps78c8f83e.jpg

 photo BabyLiamAndrlynnandZach-0166_zpsb84c79a8.jpg

 photo BabyLiamAndrlynnandZach-0291_zpsf57e1f44.jpg

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